ICHIKO is a company specializing in the field of conveyance and distribution.

We are always pursuing new technology. Our customers are from various fields of industries and they are always satisfied with our technological know-how and flexible ideas so they obtained highly-efficient production and distribution centers. We aim to be the only one leading company in the field of conveyance and distribution, by always assimilating advanced technology and valuing Japanese spirit of craftsmanship.

ICHIKO: Our Promises

Our ultimate goal is to understand our users' needs and to give clear solutions to their problems by providing our systems.

—Our strict mindset that bears innovative technical development capabilities—

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We enhance our customers' productivities by introducing our comprehensive system of production and distribution centers.

—We make our customers' works highly efficient and help them to save energies by establishing, reconstructing or making more of great large plants. —

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We create the best systems in the world with our multiplex expertise on domestic and overseas markets.

—The new idea of unifying information, products, and facilities with conveyance and industrial machinery systems—

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