Company Overview

Company Overview

Company Overview ICHIKO Co., Ltd
Chairman Akira Asano
President Yasuyuki Asano
Head Office 4-2-23 Kano, Higashi-Osaka city, Osaka 578-0901
TEL: 072-965-5131 (Main number) FAX: 072-964-0866
Established May 1st, 1963
Capital 46 million and 275,000 yen
Number of Employees 50 persons (45 men, 5 women)
Registered Construction Contractors: Authorized by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture (General-21) No. 16981
Installation Services on Machinery and Equipment: Authorized by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture (General-25) No. 16981
Approved Company of "Management Innovation Plan" Approved by "Osaka Shirei Keishi" No. 1059103
Our major product <Industrial machinery equipment>
- F.A. System, material handling system, conveyer system, various production line conveyer system transfer machine, carriage, C.P.U and electric control system
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<Logistics instrument devices>
- Wheel system, apparel hanger conveyance system, logistics warehouse automation system, sorting system, bar code automation reader equipment, mezzanine structure facility, hanger stocker, various trucks and shelf equipment
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Main Banks - Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation: Osaka-Nishi Branch
- Small Business Finance Corp.: Osaka-Nishi Branch
- The Hyakujushi Bank: Higashi-Osaka Branch
- Kagawa Bank: Osaka Branch
- Resona Bank: Umeda-Kitaguchi Branch
- Nanto Bank: Yoshida Branch
- Kyoto Bank: Kounoikeshinden Branch
Our Factories <Osaka Factory>
Kano Industrial Park 4-2-23 Kanoh, Higashi-Osaka City 578-0901
TEL 072-965-5131 (Main number) FAX 072-964-0866
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<Nishinomiya Factory>
Mukogawa Nishi Industrial Park 2-1-36, Naruohama, Nishinomiya-City 663-8142
TEL 0798-49-4591 (Main number) FAX 0798-49-1525
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<Daito Factory>
6-82-1 Sanga, Daito-City 574-0077
TEL: 072-874-4591 FAX: 072-871-3157
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Greetings from Our President

The role expected to conveyance and distribution systems is getting higher and higher as we experience gradual Japanese economical changes.

ICHIKO has build up comprehensive technical capabilities in industrial machinery and distribution system with conveyance for about a half century since its foundation in 1963.

We have also adapted to IT systems at production and distribution sites quickly and contributed to the evolution of production and distribution system with the latest technology.

Though our system, we have helped companies to improve production and distribution efficiency, flexibility, lessened the numbers of worker needed for certain tasks, and more recently, we have improved ecological aspects of many companies. Different problems arise as generation and environmental changes, however, our corporate attitude stays the same.

We offer comprehensive services that cover from start to end - planning, designing, manufacturing, installing, and after-sales services. Our mission is to provide real systems which are demanded by our customers, using none-stereotypical, unique ideas.

We continue to strive to research and develop both hardware and software and create new customer satisfactions with our industry machinery and distribution with various facilities.

Yasuyuki Asano

Our History

1963-05 Founded as Daiichi Kohki Co., Ltd with the capital of 1 million yen. Our president Akira Asano established our head office at Nishi District of Osaka City.
1967-06 Increased our capital to 4 million yen. Bought an industrial site in Daito-City and established Daito Factory (1200㎡) over there.
1976-05 Bought an industrial site (2000㎡) at industrial park located in Kanoh, Higashi-Osaka City.
1978-05 Increased our capital to 12 million yen.
1980-05 Built Osaka Factory at Kano Industrial Park. Daito Factory was moved to Osaka Factory.
1982-08 Established an industrial system section and commenced its operation to start apparel distribution system.
1988-03 Bought an industrial site (3350㎡) from a pollution agency at Mukogawa Nishi Industrial Park in Nishinomiya-City
1989-01 Celebrated our 25th anniversary and renamed the company name as ICHIKO Co., Ltd.
1989-10 Increased our capital to 20 million yen.
1990-03 Established Nishinomiya Factory at Mukogawa Nishi Industrial Park in Nishinomiya City. Started operational test of latest technology devices. Corresponded to the needs of this time in research and development departments.
1992-05 Our apparel distribution system section started developing automated integrated logistics center.
1992-05 Made an exclusive contract in distribution system technology and sales tie-up with Gärtner Transporttechnik GmbH. Started selling new hanger rail system to various industries.
1995-12 Increased our capital to 30 million yen.
2000-01 Osaka factory and head office function is integrated and it became our head office for our management rationalization.
2002-03 Celebrated our 40th anniversary. Renewed our corporate symbol and logo.
2002-05 Increased our capital to 46 million and 275,000 yen.
2003-01 Established Daito Factory. Started producing and constructing delicate equipments.
2006-10 Started selling our wheel system that equips IC tags with Gärtner Transporttechnik GmbH. of Germany.
2007-06 The founder Akira Asano was inaugurated as executive chairman and Yasuyuki Asano was appointed as new president.
2007-07 Became an "Osaka management innovation plan" approved company. Osaka-shirei-keichi No. 1059-103.
2008-06 Approved as a machinery, equipment and installation contractor of specific construction. (Previously we used to have an approval as a contractor of general construction and this time we were certified as a contractor of specific construction.) Approval number: 16981.
2010-02 Supplied the world biggest wheel system to a distribution center at Kanto district.
2011-01 Obtained the patent of Gärtner Transporttechnik GmbH's wheel system.
2011-08 Received "Fuji Sankei Business i Prize," - an award on automatic identification system.
2012-07 Changed the address of our head office from Osaka-Nishi district to Kanoh, Higashi-Osaka City (the location of Osaka Factory) on the registration paper.
2013-05 Celebrated our 50th anniversary.

Facility and Factory

Osaka Factory

Osaka Factory: is the main factory of our company. Our head office and sales division adjoin to it. Each divisions are closely associated to each other and conducting our technological developments.

picture1 Kanoh Industrial District, 4-2-23, Kanoh, Higashi-Osaka City 578-0901
TEL: 072-965-5131 (Main number)
FAX: 072-964-0866

Size: 2000m2
Structure: Steel-framed factory with fire and sound proof, three-story office (partly)
Main part of the factory: Span 18 m × 40 m × 10 m (height)
Floor space: 2500m2

Nishinomiya Factory

Nishinomiya Factory: is a leading factory to the industrial development of Heisei era, specialized in research, development and assembly.

picture2 Mukogawa Nishi Industrial Park, 2-1-36 Naruohama, Nishinomiya-City
TEL 0798-49-4591 (Main number)
FAX 0798-49-1525

Size: 3550m2
tructure: Steel-framed factory with fire and sound proof; reinforced-concrete three-story office Main part of the factory: Span 20 m × 42 m × 13 m (height)
Floor space: 3000m2

Daito Factory

Daito Factory: is a designated factory for testing products that are under development and it is also a stock place for merchandises.

Picture 3 6-82-1 Sanga, Daito-city 574-0077
TEL 072-874-4591
FAX 072-871-3157

Size: 1,120m2
Structure: Steel-framed factory with fire and sound proof
Main part of the factory: Span 15 m × 40 m
Floor space: 490m2