Reason why we are chosen from our customers

We help our customers to achieve high productivity, using our comprehensive system of production and distribution centers.

— We make our customers' works highly efficient and help them to save energies by establishing, reconstructing or making more of great large plants. —

Picture 1Our specialty includes establishing, reconstructing and making more of one large plant, automating production and distribution centers and saving power. Our main objective is to create innovations to enhance our customers' competitive strengths by foreseeing their future markets. We achieve this objective by offering our comprehensive systems which do an excellent job in creating high efficiency, creativity and innovativeness.

Our passions is to understand more and more about our customers' needs and to solve their problems.

— ICHIKO: Our strict mindset that bears innovative technical development capabilities —

Picture 2We put on our end users' shoes and produce systems that are unified with all kind of information, products, and facilities for their safety and productive efficiency.

Our technology, which is admired by many as “artistic,” is here to provide your comprehensive production environments for an industrial machinery system, and large-scale distribution warehouses where unattended 24-hours of picking is possible. Our fields of technology are expanding beyond existing boundaries because of our passions to learn more and more about our customers' needs and to solve their problems.

We create the best systems in the world with our multiplex expertise on domestic and overseas markets.

— The new idea of unifying information, products, and facilities with conveyance and industrial machinery systems —

Picture 3Our industrial machinery systems and distribution systems are widely accepted for their high usabilities that are unified with information, product and facilities. We have versatile experts in the fields of machine technology, electronic technology, and information technology. We are also comprehensively making efforts to pursue a world-class technology through active technical cooperation with overseas markets.

Industries that our products are used:

  • - Building and its related industry (including building material manufactures)
  • - Food and its related industry
  • - Textiles and its related industry
  • - Pulp, paper, and printing, and their related industry
  • - Chemical and its related industry
  • - Rubber and its related industry
  • - Ceramic and its related industry
  • - Iron, nonferrous fetal, and metal and their related industry
  • - Machinery and its related industry (machinery for transportation included)
  • - Automobile and its related industry
  • - Electric and its related industry
  • - Apparel and distribution warehouse and their related industry
  • - Others (medicine and processing plant)