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Our Hanger Rail Systems

The world's only one know-how evolves distribution systems dramatically.

With a technical cooperation of Gärtner Transporttechnik GmbH. (a well trusted German company for its technological strength), we have developed an advanced distribution system called “hanger rail system”. It is the system with latest technology – using our original wheel system that equips IC tags and our hanger systems that are integrated to each other, it incarnates information management and integration of IT and automation of warehouse work. If you wish to shorten the length of your workers' work time for specific tasks and save their energies, you will surely see this clear effectiveness.

We offer our know-how along with our system module that is capable of constructing according to the location of your warehouse and type of your products, and with our support system which looks for further improvement by analyzing the result of installations. Please feel free to consult with us if you wish to use our information management system.

Many distribution centers in Europe and Japan installed our systems.

By installing our hanger rail system which is capable of corresponding to the distribution of wide range of products, such as apparel products, your distribution efficiency improves dramatically. Many large companies like apparel makers, from Europe and Japan have installed our system.


●Desorption of trolley, never happens

Very strong and flexible 2 rollers are there to put the rail between so your trolley never falls off from the rail.

Gärtner-ICHIKO Hanger Rail System

●Connection | Left and right switching

You can freely connect and dissociate your trolleys. Since it's possible to switch to left and right, it can reduce their moving ranges.


●Directions are freely changeable

Directions are freely changeable without any difficulties because of various switches combined. Multiple rails can be linked at one workplace and it is easy to sort them.

photo3 Directions are freely changeable Directions are freely changeable

●Flexible use of space

Our hanger rail systems can be moved to any lines without paying attention of directions. It is easy to move them to other floors. Your can arrange your original, highly efficient layouts according to your purposes, usability preferences, and space characteristics.

Flexible use of space

How Our Systems Work

Receiving and Shipping Tasks

  • - Our Loading Beam:
    automatically stretches up to 6 meters by using a remote controller. It also enables to reach inside a track and you will be able to perform your receiving operations in very efficient ways.
  • - Our Tally Machine:
    enables to tally products automatically so that your receiving and shipping operations can be easily done.
  • - Group transporting of products: sorted products are transported in the term of groups so you can convey products using double hanging of skirts or auto-cart of "tatami" products.
Receiving and Shipping Tasks

Transportation Tasks on Floors

  • - Our Slope Conveyer:
    automatically conveys items to each floor by utilizing stair slopes.
  • - Our Spiral Conveyer:
    is a 3 dimensional slope conveyer, the most suitable for conveying items to each floor with narrow spaces.
  • - Our High Track System:
    is the conveyer most suitable for tall warehouses, with elevators.
Transportation Tasks on Floors

Storage Tasks

  • - Our Rotary Hanger System:
    is a rotary hanger which performs picking operation in a high efficiency. Marked items will be delivered directly to you.
  • - Our Movable Hanger Stocker:
    enables to make assembling and dismantling easy and also it makes caster mounting possible. It can be linked depending on the size of spaces.
  • - Our Fixed Type Hanger Stocker:
    double or triple hanging possible.
  • - Our Laminated Hanger Stocker:
    enhances storage efficiencies by utilizing laminated mezzanine racks.
Storage Tasks

Sorting Tasks

  • - Our Hanger Sorter:
    performs high-speed sorting to designated customers.
  • Our Automatic Transfer Hanger Machine:
    moves products from trolley to sorter, sorter to trolley automatically.
  • - Our Flat Sorter:
    enables to sort packed products to each customers with high speed.
Sorting Tasks
Supplemental Equipments of Our Hanger System