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Our Wheel System

A cutting-edge distribution center where IT introduces latest conveyance technology.

We would like to propose our epochal wheel system that equips IC tags. We produced it with a cooperation of Gärtner Transporttechnik GmbH, which possesses the best technological strength in Germany. It links products stocked inside your warehouse and the latest IC tags equipped with the wheel. This system also manages all the information of warehouse automatically. This is a system on loading and unloading which can manage individual item with all the wheel data from conveyance, storage, and sorting. By using this system, you can cut the numbers of workers and increase your work efficiency.

We propose an intelligent, ever-improving logistic environment to you. Your needs and characteristics at your distribution centers will be benefited from our system module which is capable of constructing and our support system aiming at further improvement by analyzing installation results.

Many distribution centers in Europe and Japan installed our systems.

photo2 By installing our epochal wheel system which is capable of corresponding to the distribution of wide range of products, such as apparel products or various products bought on internet, your distribution efficiency improves dramatically. Many apparel makers, volume selling companies, internet selling companies from Europe and Japan have installed our system.

  • ♦Ability to manage each product
    Our epochal matrix sorters can arrange your products as instructed.
  • ♦Ability to convey products regardless of their shapes
    Our epochal Kangaroo-back is used to deal with products of various shapes. This is a very flexible system which you can utilize at many situations.
  • ♦Ability to automate picking processes at high-speed
    As we automated picking processes, efficient work performances achieved.
  • ♦Re-usable and cost effective
    IC tags are only to be used inside your buildings so that they will never be exposed to outside.
  • ♦Ability to stabilize the scanning distances and to keep stable work flows
    Readers and IC tags are to be attached on rails by structure so that scanning distance is always stable. Therefore, there will be no mistakes on scanning.


Workflow - from receiving to shipping


Workflow - from receiving to shipping

  • - A tracks delivers some products
  • - Placing hangers on trollies
  • - "Marriage" (Putting hangers on the wheel)
  • - Linking bar codes and IC tags
  • - Reporting warehousing data to computers
  • - Putting the products into a storage area and retain them
  • - Receiving delivery data from the computers
  • - Picking starts at storage areas
  • - Making an alignment of the products in order of delivery, using a matrix sorter
  • - "Divorce" (Taking off hangers from the wheel)
  • - Placing hangers on trollies
  • - Shipping the products on trucks